Meri – New York, New York

Today's entire experience was exactly the thing I needed to get myself acclimated to the outdoors of Seattle. Have recently moved from New York City, I was looking for a calm and grounding experience ( like meditation) that also included the gorgeous backdrop of nature. Michelle was an excellent host and guide! Her warm and welcoming personality was uplifting and fun! Our group of women was unique because all 4 of us were new to Seattle and instantly bonded on that commonality. Michelle led us through a thoughtful and stimulating guided meditation for our senses, a 3 mile hike, and then afterwards we shared our reflections over laughs and tasty snacks she provided. The hiking trail was easy and mostly flat. I truly enjoyed my experience so much and was a little sad when it was over. It was a special day with a great group of women. We all stepped away from our routines and out of our comfort zones to do something thing for ourselves. If you want to get out into nature and need some self reflection time in the woods, then this is the perfect way to tune into yourself and unplug from the outside world and your phone!! Do this nice thing for yourself, you'll be happy you did!