Bethany – Anchorage, Alaska

Where do I begin.. Michelle was absolutely phenomenal! She's so bubbly and sweet, the mediation hike I feel came to me at the right time in my life, I went to Seattle alone in search of happiness as well as some meaningful connection. This took the cake, the hike was beautiful, we started out with a brief but yet blissful mediation session before the hike and were asked to be receptive to all that was around and to listen to our mind if it's telling us to go and do something to do just that do it!I was in awe by all the trees there were to be seen,all the many different layers of the hike, as well as all of the wonderful nature sounds! Once the hike was finished we all sat down and had a sweet picnic eating session, were we all talked and touched on some very personal past situations(I doubt that's how it will be for everyone but it's just the way our conversation took us!) we laughed we cried, as well as bonded. Safe to say this experience will be in my heart for many years to come Michelle will also be in my heart/thoughts. If anyone is looking for a meaningful joyous experience you HAVE TO pick this one!!! You won't be let down!