Geoffrey – Houston, Texas

This was a great experience and Michelle was an excellent guide on this little journey. We didn't know exactly what to expect but knew this could be whatever we wanted it to be; from a simple hike, to full-on inner experience and that put us at ease. We were a four person group where only one other and myself had minimal experience with meditation. Not only did Michelle pick us up from our hotel and drive us our to the forest and trails, she also took the time to talk to, and get to know us. I feel like she adequately gauged our levels and who we were and made the experience the best it could be out of that. We spent five days in Seattle and this was the only day it was lightly drizzling. Fortunately, this only made our hike a better experience. The sound of rain hitting the leaves opened up a whole new dimension to the experience. Prior to the hike we did a guided meditation through all five senses and this helped make me more aware of the surroundings. The hike was a simple, no pressure journey through the trails. It was everything from quiet, to us all chatting, to us stopping constantly to take photos. Never once was Michelle annoyed at us, she was happy to let us do our thing. After the hike she shared a light meal of snacks at a picnic table and food is always the cherry on top with us :D I'd highly recommend this for anyone on vacation, whether traveling alone, or in a small group. You can tell Michelle is passionate about doing this, and we enjoyed spending time with her as much as I hope she did with us.