Josh – Sugar Land, Texas

Michelle is very kind and sincere. She is also a positive person. To preface, I am a very private person. I was hesitant about having a guided group meditation in a public setting. Fortunately, Michelle created an atmosphere that was effective for the task. Before the hike Michelle guided the group to a small clearing that was off of the hiking path. She was calm and quiet in her speaking so I could clearly tell she wasn't trying to give a meditation demonstration to any curious members of the public. It was generally private and very casual and understood by all that any participation in the meditation was encouraged but not mandatory. The hike was awesome. I had never been to the PNW before so I was quite happy to have a very quiet (no talking was gently recommended) hike where I could serenely enjoy the many tall moss-covered trees around me, as well as take pictures of the lush bunches of fern plants that grew as high as my waist. To put it simply, it was great. The occasional hikers we encountered initially began to number less and less the further we went out on the trail. Note that the trail is an actual established trail and is clearly marked, as well as open to the public. Overall the hike was easy/medium for us. There are some elevation changes and the trail can be muddy, but it is very well maintained and well respected by the locals. Wearing more than just smooth bottom sneakers is a recommendation. The canopy is so thick you may not even need sunblock. I wasn't sure how strenuous it was going to be but at the end I wished the hike was a little longer but I walk a lot for exercise in general. The trail was 3.5 miles. We liked the location so much tag we dropped a pin in our (Hidden by Airbnb) maps to come back again someday. I recommend it to anyone that isn't trying to hike all day as well as for people looking for a peaceful time in a beautiful setting. After the hike we had some snacks as we talked and relaxed a bit before we went back to town. Michelle is a cool person and easy to hang out with. Thanks Michelle!